Landscape NRW // Metropole Ruhr

Do you want to discover the Ruhr, immerse yourself in its hectic life or its history? Here are some ideas…


Düsseldorf, K 20/K21, « in orbit »: installation by Tomás Saraceno at K21

Suspended more than 25 meters above the piazza of the K21 is Tomás Saraceno‘s gigantic installation in orbit. This steel wire construction spans the museum‘s vast glass cupola on three different levels. Positioned within this net structure, which encompasses altogether 2500 m², are half a dozen « spheres » – inflated spheres having diameters up to 8.5 meters. Visitors have access to this transparent installation, and can move freely between the spheres on all three levels. Please note, that the installation may be closed for visitors temporarily due to maintenance works.

Essen, Zollverein : a unique place for experiences

© Zollverein / © Graphia Corpus Photographie

Every day, the diverse offerings on the 100-hectare grounds invite visitors to experience the world of coal, coke, art, and culture in the heart of the Ruhr Area.

Köln/Cologne : Cathedral, Museum…

The cathedral spires tower over Germany’s oldest city and its innumerable cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene. The world feels at home in Cologne, where people meet for a Kölsch, a chat or simply a laugh. Life in Cologne is uncomplicated and vivacious.

Bochum, Deutsches Bergbau-Museum

The Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum has undergone a transformation in the years between 2016 and 2019: The renovation of the museum was flanked by the redesign of the permanent exhibition. From the summer of 2019, there will be four tours guiding visitors through the building: Hard Coal, Mining, Mineral Resources and Art cover the full range of the Leibniz Research Museum for Geo-resources.

Wuppertal : Pina Bausch Tanz Theater

Trailer »Das Frühlingsopfer« from Tanztheater Wuppertal on Vimeo.

« The questions never stop, and the search never ceases. There’s something infinite in it, an that’s what’s so wonderful about it. » Pina Bausch

For thirty-six years Pina Bausch was the creative nucleus of the Tanztheater Wuppertal. With her keen interest in human existence, an unbiased and constantly inquisitive eye, and impressive faith in her own aesthetic sensibility, together with her dancers and artistic collaborators she created a total of forty-four pieces. Their poetry, powerful images and ingenuity result from an examination of real life.

Trailer »1980 – Ein Stück von Pina Bausch« from Tanztheater Wuppertal on Vimeo.

The Wuppertal suspension monorail : Schwebebahn

The Wuppertal suspension monorail – Wuppertal’s landmark – travels 13 km through the city. The network runs mainly above the city’s river Wupper, only four of the 16 stops run above solid ground. More than 80,000 people use the suspension monorail on a daily basis. It is therefore an everyday means of transport for the inhabitants of the city, but also a popular tourist attraction. Many sights can easily be reached on foot from the 20 suspension railway stations.